Delicious Decisions

Delicious Decision For Cafe Outlets

Chocolate Lava, only for $4.90
hSpaghetti Meatball, only for $7.90
Baked Cheese Spaghetti, only for $7.90
Beef Burger, only for $5.90

Cafe Outlet

The Coffee Bean, Centrepoint [Location]
The Coffee Bean, Maya Puri [Location]
The Coffee Bean, Brunei International Airport (Departure Hall/ Transit Hall) [Location]
The Coffee Bean, The Mall [Location]
The Coffee Bean, Seaview Hotel [Location]
The Coffee Bean, Ministry of Finance [Location]




3 thoughts on “Delicious Decisions

  1. I went to beribi mata-mata early tonight. They said they are not serving the other 3 menu except only chocolate lava available. Dissapointed

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